Green Hat Workshop are happy to tailor a PLANKS workshop to any situation.


Schools, Universities, Kindergartens & Specialist Schools

Green Hat Workshop's multiability play-based incursion program has been used in a wide range of in-school, afterschool, curriculum linked and social activities in educational spaces around Victoria. The workshop's popularity with students, teachers and parents has lead to strong and ongoing relationships with many educational communities.

Out of School Hours, Holiday Programs, Libraries & Camps

The physical and mental engagement of participants in a PLANKS workshop is a welcome creative event for OSH club attendees and staff during busy school curriculum days and holiday programs. As we cater for up to 100 participants at once and the activity needs very little explanation, several larger holiday programs enjoy Green Hat PLANKS Workshops in their regular programs. As a public library family activity, or a rainy day or evening activity for a school or charity camp, a PLANKS workshop adds a memorable and authentic community experience.

Teacher Professional Development

With a great deal of passion and over two decade's experience teaching and facilitating in schools around the world, Green Hat Workshop's leading Facilitator Cameron Lee, presents Teacher Professional development workshops on
  - Blocks in maths education and child development,
  - Play-based learning for all ages, and
  - Creativity in schools. 

Creating Constructive Schools


With over 25 years experience as a manager, consultant, facilitator and coach, Simon Osborne of Practical Workplace Strategies, partners with Cameron Lee of Green Hat Workshop to present a Workplace Development program tailored to your school and in the service of maximising:
  - Professional Capital
  - Management of effective organisational change
  - Organisational communication, and 
  - Alignment of teacher, team, and school.

Corporate Team Building and Conference Ice Breakers

Due to the "component" nature of PLANKS, the creation of larger constructions in a limited time is an effective method of drawing people together - The more competitive, the stronger the need to compromise and negotiate.  In this way a PLANKS workshop intrinsically drives participants to achieve their goals by working cooperatively. In a team building setting a PLANKS challenge is a useful experience to help teams reflect on their dynamics and interpersonal skills as well as an opener for discussion about project ownership and job briefing.
In partnership with a range of workplace H.R. managers and private contractors, Green Hat Workshop have provided conference ice-breakers and a range of team challenges for fun and to illustrate dynamics within a group.
Green Hat Workshop welcomes sub-contract and partnership arrangements (Contact US)

Family Events, Fetes, Fairs and Festivals

PLANKS are a true multi-age, multi-ability activity and are more than just a child's toy; PLANKS engage everyone. Since Green Hat Workshop's inception we have worked hard to provide opportunities for our Builder Community to get together and enjoy our 25,000 PLANKS collection. Appearing at several of Warrnambool's Fun4Kids Festivals, Arts and Local Council Festivals as well as Agricultural Shows and Designer Markets both local and interstate, PLANKS are always popular and even rival traditional candy floss and carnival rides for engagement.
While we do not run children's birthday parties, a PLANKS workshop can be a fun and inclusive addition to a large Family event or milestone celebration.

Corporate Partnerships
Frequently called upon to provide engagement with prospective leads or as a fun draw-card to a promotional event, Green Hat Workshop have been employed by many Victorian Local Councils, Mirvac developers and Appleby Real Estate Agents, to engage passer-by at local festivals and LendLease Group, as a "constructive" amusement for publicity events.
All enquiries are welcome. (Contact Us)
Images of these events HERE.


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